The consumer electronics exhibition

In this part of our museum, you can see the Czechoslovak consumer electronic products from the times when they were not so much "consumer" as they are today. The devices range from the end of the World War Two until the beginning of the nineties when the production of consumer electronics in Czechoslovakia ceased. We hope that we will soon expand the museum to show the pre-war and war electronics.


Philips 750A Credo Zezula radio console Tesla 628A Lampa Supraphon LE62 Supraphon SL12
Supraphon LE57 Vacuum electronics The forties Tesla 1101A Jubilant The fifties
Tesla 1105A Viola The sixties Car radios Tesla 4325A Ametyst Sektor Tesla 621A Opera
Tesla 625A Hymnus The seventies The eighties Tesla Color 446 Supraphon SL20
Cassette players Tesla 4001A Computers Tesla 1126A Adagio Tesla 4106U Ametyst
Tesla 1107A Copélia Telephones Supraphon LE680A-5 Tesla 1122A Humoreska Tesla 1104A Bolero
Portable radios Tesla 1121A Barytón Tesla 1130A Cabalero The oldest cassette players Tesla 4307A Semiramis
Tesla 4316U Devín Tesla 4333A Color Oravan