Tesla 1107A Copélia

Year of manufacture: 1959/63
Manufacturer: Tesla Přelouč
Tubes used: ECC85, ECH81, 2x EBF89, EAA91, ECC83, EL84, EM80, EZ80
Wave bands: FM OIRT, long wave, medium wave in two bands, short wave 16,7 - 27,3 m and 27,3 - 51,7 m

Music console using a 627A Variace radio chassis and a semi-automatic turntable MD51. The radio has three IF amplifiers on FM, a magic eye tube that can be turned off, "loudness" volume control, tone controls, a tone register with feedback and 2,5 W power output. Five speakers with a switch for plastic sound. The turntable has four speeds. After manually selecting the diameter of the record and pushing the button, the pickup automatically moves to the beginning of the record. After the record is played, the pickup moves back to its stand.