Tesla 1105A Viola

Year of manufacture: 1959/61
Manufacturer: Tesla Přelouč
Tubes used (radio): ECC85, ECH81, 2x 6F31, 2x 6B32, 2x 6CC41, 2x PL82, EM80
Tubes used (tape recorder): EF86, ECC83, ECL82, EM81, EZ80
Wave bands: FM OIRT, long wave, medium wave in two bands, short wave 13 - 25,2 m and 25,2 - 52,6 m

Viola uses a 805A Filharmonie radio chassis, the only Tesla tube radio selected for the "luxury" category. The radio is equipped with two IF amplifiers with switchable band width on AM bands, "loudness" volume control, tone controls and a push-pull output amplifier with 6 W output power. Five speakers with a switch for plastic sound. The console also contains an automatic record changer Supraphon MD1 or MD020. The changer automatically detects the size of the record and then moves the pickup to the beginning of the record. After the record ends, the pickup moves back to its stand and another record falls down. In the bottom of the cabinet, there is a Sonet Duo tape recorder which can be taken out and used separately.