Zezula music console

Year of manufacture: cca 1939
Manufacturer: Zezula Zlín
Tubes used: ECH11, EF11, EAB1, EF12, EL11, EM4, AZ1
Wave bands: long wave, medium wave, short wave 16 - 50 m

This music console was manufactured on demand of an unknown wealthy person by the Zezula Company in Zlín. If anybody had built a luxury villa with custom furniture, they would find out that no factory made radio fits the furniture. So they would get a custom-made cabinet fitted with a chassis of a factory radio and a record player. This cabinet contains an Empo Ambassador radio made by the Empo Company in Prague-Čakovice. It is equipped with eight transmitter presets, switchable band width and a tone control. The turntable is a Primafon Perpeton record changer. It automatically plays ten records. The records are put on the central rod and are held in place by two knives. By moving the knives, one record falls down and the pickup automatically moves to its beginning. After the record ends, the pickup moves back to its stand and another record falls down. It is possible to repeat one record infinitely or skip any number of the records. It is a purely mechanical device, the only electric component is the motor.