Tesla 4325A Ametyst Sektor

Year of manufacture: 1963
Manufacturer: Tesla Prague-Strašnice
Tubes used (TV receiver): PCC84, 2x PCF82, 5x EF80, PCL84, 2x EAA91, ECH81, PL36, PY88, DY86, PCL82, 431QQ44
Tubes used (radio): ECC85, ECH81, 2x 6F31, 2x 6B32, 2x 6CC41, 2x PL82, EM80
Wave bands (TV receiver): Ist and IIInd band of Czechoslovak TV norm, OIRT intercarrier sound
Wave bands (radio): FM OIRT, long wave, medium wave divided into two bands, short wave 13 - 25,2 m and 25,2 - 52,6 m

This console was made in times when the so-called "sector furniture" became fashionable. This furniture had unified dimensions and could be stacked together. The traditional music consoles did not suit this. This console consists of a modified 4106U Ametyst TV receiver, but used a new picture tube with 110° deflection angle. Thanks to this, it could fit inside the cabinet, as the original 90° picture tube would be too long. The radio used is of a luxury type, 805A Filharmonie. The console contains four speakers, one of them is an electro-static tweeter. A turntable or a tape recorder could be placed above the TV receiver.