The 1980s

The 1980s bring devices that many Czechs remember very well and some of them still use them. Western license products are made in higher numbers than before, which was already a common practice in other socialist countries. Integrated circuits are widely used, but unfortunately, our industry only managed to copy Western semiconductors. TV production is kept in good condition - modern semiconductor TV sets with up-to-date picture tubes are made. After the fall of socialism in 1989, the production of consumer electronics quickly comes to an end. Some new designs are brought to the market, but the customers are not interested. Only the TV production in Orava continues until the 21st century. Other Tesla factories are privatised and either switch to industrial production or entirely disappear.


Tesla ANP471 Delta Tesla 4407A Color 110 Tesla 2836AB Arioso Tesla 4159AB Pluto Tesla VM6465
ESA100 satellite receiver Tesla 4441A Color 441FS Tesla SM580 Tesla 4163AB Asta Tesla NZC431
Tesla B116 Tesla 1136A Studio Tesla MC900 Tesla NZC030 Tesla 445A Alto
Tesla 2835B Avanti Tesla 2834B Finále Tesla 2834B-1 Rondo Tesla ARF300 Tesla MC600Q
Tesla SM260 Tesla 820A