Tesla 4333A Color Oravan

Year of manufacture: 1985/89
Manufacturer: Tesla Orava
Wave bands: Ist, IIIrd, IVth and Vth band of Czechoslovak TV norm, eight presets

Portable color TV receiver with 42 cm diagonal. PAL and SECAM color decoder, CCIR and OIRT ("western" and "eastern") sound receiver. Socket for a video cassette recorder. The modern looking plastic cabinet was supplied by a Western European company Europhon. The picture tubes were Polish, East German or even Japanese. More similar receivers were produced, such as the Color Oravan Lux, some of them had a remote control and electronic tuning. The types Color Brožík, Mánes and Aleš had a smaller Polish or Soviet picture tube. The receivers could be operated only on AC mains. Color TV receivers powered by a low-voltage DC supply such as a car battery were produced only in the USSR. After the Velvet Revolution, the successor of Tesla Orava, the OTF company, produced them as well.