The 1970s

Vacuum tube designs are abandoned during the 1970s. The devices use modern materials similar to today's products - chipboard instead of wood, lots of plastics. The colorful design of the 1960s is replaced with angular, grey products. The main novelty is the color TV, which slowly becomes available even for the middle class during this decade. Another new attraction is the Hi-Fi technology that can finally offer faithful music reproduction.


Tesla 442A Spirituál Tesla NC440 Tesla AZS179 Tesla 441A Euridika Tesla 441A-3 Euridika II
Tesla 4401A Color Tesla 337B-1 Bonny Tesla 632A UHF converter Tesla 4156AB Minitesla
Tesla ANP270 B100 Tesla 2827AB-7 Kvintet Tesla 1132A Strečno Tesla ANP404 Pluto Tesla 2011B Carina
Tesla 1025A Bolero