Philips 750A Credo

Year of manufacture: 1937/38
Manufacturer: Philips Prague-Hloubětín
Tubes used: AK2, AF3, ABC1, ABL1, AM1, AZ1
Wave bands: long wave, medium wave, short wave 16,5 - 51 m

Here we have an example of a pre-war radio receiver manufactured in Prague in a subsidiary of the Dutch company Philips. This war a rather expensive model equipped with an input bandpass filter, magic eye tube, a folding dial, physiological volume control (loudness), tone control and an intricate feedback circuit that ensured very good sound quality. The radio is controlled with a single knob, so one can control the tuning, volume and tone with a single hand. Radio receivers were very expensive, buying a new radio was comparable to buying a new car today. Only the well-off members of the middle class could afford this radio.