Tesla Museum - the "heavy" industrial electronics

Dear visitors, welcome to our Tesla Museum in Třešť. The ground floor contains various exhibits of the industrial electronics. Here you will see various transmitters, TV, movie and radio studio technology, laboratory equipment etc..

This museum was originally designed to be placed in a historical transmitting facility in Poděbrady, which was built in the 1920s. The entire collection of our club was to be stored there. But the owner of the building, České Radiokomunikace (Czech Radio Communications Company), was sold to a private company, which decided to sell the building and the club had to quickly move out, otherwise the exhibits would be scrapped. The club then decided to buy its own building which would be suitable not only for storage, but also for the display of the exhibits. We succeeded in this, as we hope and as you can judge by yourselves. A grain storage building erected in 1936 was bought in 2004 and the club has reconstructed it over the following years, using only its own manpower and finances.

You can tap on the images to show a detailed description of each exhibit. You can freely walk around. Do not forget to visit the first floor to see the exposition of consumer electronics.

We thank you for your interest and we hope that you will like our museum.


OMA time mark transmitter HUS124 master clock TRK mixing console SRV 3/B medium-wave radio transmitter KUV020 short-wave transmitter
DTV 80 long-wave transmitter KTV 50 short-wave telegraph transmitter KRV 1 short-wave radio transmitter SRV 22 medium-wave radio transmitter AUA 120 audio distribution system
Electron microscope EZS mixing console SRV 5 medium-wave radio transmitter - prototype Film editing table Telephone exchange
Telex machine 35 mm movie camera TKP306 TV color camera TV monitors Quadruplex TV recording machine
TKP308 TV color camera TKO401 TV black-and-white camera TV production systems 16 mm movie camera TV studio technology
1" TV recording machine TV announcing workplace Power supply transformer for the DTV 80 transmitter Obstacle warning light DTV 80 antenna coil