The 1950s

The 1950s have brought a significant number of technological novelties - the television, FM radio, the first tape recorders, turntables for vinyl records and the most revolutionary discovery - the transistors. Traditional materials are still used, such as wood, metals, glass or bakelite. Modern plastics were used only later and the devices still do not have a "consumable" character.


Tesla 308U Talisman Tesla 307U Talisman Tesla 420U Trio Tesla 426A Tenor Tesla 312A Junior
Tesla 409U Tesla 516A Largo Tesla 528A Rondo II Tesla 620A Máj Tape adaptor Tesla 2AN 380 00
Tesla 4202A Akvarel Tesla MGK10 Tesla 4002A Tesla 406U Vltava Tesla 525A Kvarteto
Tesla 424A Gavota Tesla ANP210 Sonet Duo