Tesla 1101A Jubilant

Year of manufacture: 1957/58
Manufacturer: Tesla Pardubice
Tubes used (radio): ECH21, EF22, 6B31, 6CC41, EM11
Tubes used (tape recorder): 6CC42S, 6F32, 6L31, EM11
Tubes used (power amplifier): 6CC41, 2x EBL21
Tubes used (power supply): AZ12
Wave bands: long wave, medium wave, short wave 13,9 - 20 m and 24,8 - 52 m

Jubilant was put into production to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Tesla Company. It contains our first consumer tape recorder, the MGK10, and a high-quality turntable H17/TJ for both the standard and vinyl records, which was developed just for this music cabinet. The radio is equipped with an input bandpass filter, switchable band width, a tone register, a switch for bass enhancement, a cable radio input and a microphone preamplifier. The signal from the radio, cable radio, turntable, tape recorder and microphone can be recorded on the tape. The tape recorder is two-speed, half-track, with three heads and is set for recording on the first Czechoslovak magnetic tape Supraphon L. The power amplifier is a push-pull design with 8 W output power. The speaker system is placed in a separate cabinet and contains four speakers. It was possible to buy a cabinet which looked just as the speaker system, but could be opened and provided a space for record storage. Also a cabinet with glass door was sold, this one could be used as a minibar.