Tesla 4307A Semiramis

Year of manufacture: 1959/60
Manufacturer: Tesla Pardubice
Tubes used (TV receiver): PCC84, 2x PCF82, 3x EF80, PL83, 2x PABC80, 2x ECC82, PCL82, PL36, PY83, DY86, AW53-80
Tubes used (radio): ECC85, ECH81, 2x 6F31, 2x 6B32, 2x 6CC41, 2x PL82, EM80
Tubes used (tape recorder): EF86, ECC83, ECL82, EM81, EZ80
Wave bands (TV receiver): 9 cahnnels of the Ist and IIIrd band of Czechoslovak TV norm
Wave bands (radio): FM OIRT, long wave, medium wave in two bands, short wave 13,1 - 25,3 m and 25,3 - 52,6 m

TV cabinet with 4208U Narcis TV chassis, 53 cm diagonal. Socket for a cable remote control of brightness and volume. 805A Filharmonie radio chassis with "loudness" volume control, tone controls and a push-pull output stage with 6 W power. The radio is also used as an amplifier for the TV sound. Half-track two-speed tape recorder ANP210 Sonet Duo. The tape recorder can be taken out and used separately. One bass speaker, four mid-range speakers and one horn tweeter. The cabinet weighs 130 kg and the maximal power consumption is 320 W.