Tesla 4106U Ametyst

Year of manufacture: 1960/62
Manufacturer: Tesla Prague-Strašnice
Tubes used: PCC84, 3x PCF82, 4x EF80, PABC80, PL82, PCL82, ECH81, PL83, PL36, PY83, DY86, AW43-80
Wave bands: Ist and IIIrd band of Czechoslovak TV norm, OIRT intercarrier sound

Ametyst is considered to be the climax of Tesla black-and-white vacuum tube TV receivers. Picture tube with 43 cm diagonal, intermediate frequency amplifier with compensated group delay ensures good contrast with no overshoot artifacts. The cabinet has an extraordinary design. Ironically, this was the last type of TV receivers produced in Strašnice, because the TV receiver production was shifted to Tesla Orava.