Tesla 4407A Color 110

Year of manufacture: 1980/82
Manufacturer: Tesla Orava
Wave bands: continuous tuning in Ist, IIIrd, IVth and Vth band of the Czechoslovak TV norm, eight presets

The first truly modern Tesla color TV. Only semiconductors are used, both SECAM and PAL decoders are present, the picture tube is of a modern In-Line type with 67 cm diagonal. The picture tube was produced in Tesla Rožnov in a license of the Japanese company Toshiba. This picture tube had a much better brightness and color purity and was easier to set up when compared to the older Delta type. Its picture, unlike the old Russian picture tubes, could satisfy even the most demanding customers. Later, a similar type Color 110ST was made. It had a different design of the cabinet and used even more modern picture tube. Its production continued until 1986.