Tesla VM6465

Year of manufacture: 1985/87
Manufacturer: Tesla Bratislava, later AVEX a. s., Philips license
Wave bands: continuous tuning in Ist, IIIrd, IVth and Vth band of the Czechoslovak TV norm, 99 presets

The first VHS video tape recorder on the Czechoslovak market. Also called the "videomagnetophone" or "magnetoscope". The production started thanks to a license bought from the Philips company. The assembly line was already heavily outdated and determined to be scrapped, but it was bought for a cheap price and brought to Bratislava. The devices were assembled from component kits manufactured in the West, only a small board for OIRT sound was added. The VTR cost approx. 20 000 Ks, which was an average year salary, but as it was very difficult to acquire Western movies, many people sought after a video recorder for watching copied movies and the video recorders sold well. Later, a slightly improved version was made, some of the Western components were replaced with domestic ones. The AVEX company launched two more different types before it ceased to exist.