Tesla 4441A Color 441FS

Year of manufacture: cca 1990
Manufacturer: Tesla Orava, later OTF
Wave bands: continuous tuning in Ist, IIIrd, IVth and Vth band of the Czechoslovak TV norm and the Hyperband for cable TV, 30 presets

This TV marks the transition of Tesla Orava products from the old types, which used only Tesla components, to modern designs using Western parts. It has a square-corner picture tube with 59 cm diagonal, manufactured in Tesla Rožnov, stereo sound and teletext decoder. The cabinet is partly chipboard, the later types were entirely plastic. Tesla Orava was privatised and rebranded as the OTF company. The factory worked until 1998. In 1994, some of the employees separated and launched a new company called OVP, placed near the original factory, which has been making TV sets until 2008. Both factories were notable for high technological level of their products and invested large sums of money into research. Around 2000, the OVP company presented a smart TV with Internet connection, later they produced TV sets with digital DVB-T tuner. Unfortunately, the company did not survive the shift towards LCD technology.