Tesla 1126A Adagio

Year of manufacture: 1970/71
Manufacturer: Tesla Bratislava
Tubes used: ECC85, ECH81, ECF803, ECC83, ECL86, EM84
Wave bands: FM OIRT, long wave, medium wave, short wave 17,1 - 50,4 m

A music console equipped with the chassis of a 539A Rigoletto receiver, which is one of the last vacuum tube radios produced by Tesla. It was quite outdated and not very well designed. It was created by removing one audio channel from a stereo receiver 538A Stereodirigent, so one half of the ECC83 tube is not used. Switchable band width on AM bands, magic eye tube, tone controls, "loudness" volume control, two speakers. Three-speed turntable of H10 type, only vinyl record playback is possible.